What is Google Drive? How to use an account on Google Drive?

What is Google Drive? How to use an account on Google Drive?

What is Google Drive: The world's best known and most trusted company, Google has made available to its users like Google Drive to secure data via the Internet and retrieve it from its convenience anytime.

What is Google Drive? How to use an account on Google Drive?

What is Google Drive? How to use an account on Google Drive?

As you all know that in today's era everything has become digital. In this sequence, Google has introduced a platform like Google Drive to its users to protect their photos, important documents, data of websites, etc. in digital mode. Which provides this facility for free.

On this, you can also keep your videos safe and can also keep a scanned copy of documents like Aadhaar card and Pancard.

But all of us should know how to use Google Drive correctly. So today we are going to give you detailed information about using Google Drive correctly.

What is Google Drive? Learn in detail

Google Drive is a free service of Google. It works on the principle of Cloud Storage. 

Other Internet companies like Microsoft, Box, and this type of service. SugarSync also offers Apple iCloud, One Drive and Dropbox.

But when it comes to credibility, people trust Google the most. The reason is that Google has won the hearts of its users and earned trust. While other companies think more about making profits. He has no connection with social concerns.

Google Drive allows you to access Web-Based Application from any part of the world with the help of the Cloud.

You get the facility to store and share files on Google Drive for free.

What is Google Drive Features?

There are many amazing and powerful features on this platform of Google. The ones you are being told in sequence.
  • Desktop Clients Sync
  • Smartphone Clients Sync
  • Uploading Files
  • Creating Folders
  • Files Sharing
  • Documents Creating
  • Edit

What are the main features of Google Drive?

  • Google Drive is a free service.
  • It allows access to your data from any part of the world.
  • Services like Google Docs, Android, Google Analytics, Gmail, Chrome and Youtube are also connected.
  • Google Drive Speed ​​is very good. Through this, downloading and uploading is very fast.
  • Google Drive provides the facility to keep up to 15GB of data for free. Those who want to keep more data than this, they have to pay some extra space.

When was Google Drive launched?

Google launched the free service of Google Drive on 24 April 2012. Since then, users from all over the world have been taking advantage of this service.

What is Google Drive Subscription Pricing Details?

  • 15 GB data storage and features are free.
  • 1.99 $ is required for 100 GB of data storage.
  • 9.99 $ is required for 1 TB of data storage.
  • 99.99 $ is required for 10 TB data storage.
  • Each user has to pay 5 $ separately for G Suite Accounts every month.

How to make Google Drive Account?

You do not have to do much hard work to create a Google Drive account. All you have to do is create your own Gmail account on Google.

After creating a Gmail account, you can log in to Google Drive through your Gmail ID and password. But on Google, you have to download the Google Drive app first.

 After which you will also be able to sign in with your Gmail ID, Password.
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What type of files are created in Google Drive?

On Google Drive, you can create the following types of files -

1 - Presentations

It resembles Microsoft powerpoint. Through this, you are used to creating Slideshows on Google Drive.

2 - Documents

Through this facility, any user can create their Letters, Essays, Flyers, and Text-Based Files and can also keep them safe.

3 - Forms

In this section of Google Drive, you can also acquire and organize data.

4 - Spreadsheets

You can use this part of the drive to store and organize any information.

5 - Drawing

In this section of Google Drive, you are involved in creating Simple Vector Graphics and Diagrams.

How to save Text Messages in Google Drive?

Friends, in this section, we will learn how to create and edit text messages and save it in Google Drive -
  • Go to drive.google.com through your desktop browser.
  • Now click on Connect More Apps which appears just below the CREATE button.
  • In the search box of Connect Apps Window, your search for Drive Notepad.
  • Once connected, you will have a Confirmation Message Show here. You tick the mark. By ticking, Drive Notepad can be placed in the Default App. Now click on OK to open your file.
  • To create a new Text Document for yourself, click on Create here and select Text Document.
  • Now you will reach another part of Google Drive. Here Drive Notepad Text Editor will appear. It is fully connected with Google Drive. Here you will see the Floating Toolbar. With its help, you can use File Name, Save File & File Extension according to your need.
  • Once your file is ready, you can save the text file using the Save button and can also view it in the Google Drive folder.
  • If you want to open your text file, then for this you have to right-click over your file in Google Drive. Then have to choose Drive with Notepad through Open With. In this way, you can open it and edit through this medium.

How to Delete Add File in Google Drive?

It is very easy to delete any file already in Google Drive. You have to put it in Trash mode first to remove the text file.

1 - Mobile Process

If the file has been Own by you, then the people with whom you have shared the file can download and copy it.

But if you have not to Own your file, in such a situation, remove the file, then it will be deleted from your drive.

2 - The process of deleting via web

  • You have to go to drive.google.com on your desktop.
  • Now click on your file.
  • Then click Remove option.

How to Take Backup from Google Drive? (the right way to backup from Google Drive)

If you want to back up your Google Drive account, then you must first log in to your desktop Google Drive account through a browser. To make backup easily, you should read the following methods carefully.

1 - My Drive

You will see My Drive category on the left side of the homepage. You have to click on it. In the My Drive section, you get all your files together.

2 - Click On Download

To download a file, you first select the file. You have to right-click to select. You have to click on Download from all the options shown.

3 - Data Download in Zip File

Your file is converted into a ZIP file before it is downloaded. This is a necessary process. After converting to zipping, your file starts downloading automatically.

How to Delete Google Drive Photos From Mobile?

If you use Google Drive on your mobile, you may have often seen that your Google Drive storage space reduces due to your Google Drive account videos, photos, and so much other non-essential content.

If you want to increase your storage space, you may need to delete some photos and videos, etc.

For the process of deleting files on mobile, you have to complete the following steps. Please look carefully.
  • First of all, open the Google Drive app on your mobile.
  • If you want to delete the photo, then the option of More Button will appear near the photo. Which appears as 3 Dots. You have to tap on it, tap on the photo you want to delete.
  • Now you will see many options. In which the option of Remove will also be seen. You can immediately delete unnecessary photos from Google Drive by clicking on the option to remove.

How to save data on the computer to Google Drive?

If you do your computer professional work. So some material is also created by you, which is very important to save. But you do not want to save it on your computer, because such material occupies a lot of space on your desktop.

In such a situation, you can save this type of content on Google Drive. So now we tell how the content on the computer is saved on Google Drive?

1 - Click On New

First you login to Google Drive and then click on the New option shown there.

2 - Upload File or Folder

Now you will see 2 options of upload file and upload folder here. Select whatever file or folder you want to save.

3 - Click On Open

Now after selecting your file and folder you have to click on the Open button. As soon as you do this, the file will be saved on Google Drive.

How to Delete Own Google Drive Account?

Google has also provided its users with the facility to create and delete accounts on Google Google Drive.

If you want to delete your Google Drive account, this process is completed very easily.

To delete a Google Drive account follow the following steps -

1 - Login Your Account

First you login to your Google Drive account browser.

2 - Now Select You're my Account

After login, you click on your profile icon which appears in the Right Side. After which you will see the option of My Account.
Now you have to click on this My Account and then proceed.

3 - Data & Personalization

Now a new window will appear in front of you. Here you will also see the option of Data & Personalization. You have to click on it.

4 - Now Delete Your Account

After clicking on Data & Personalization, another new window appears in front of you. Where gives you the option to Delete Your Account. You can delete your Google Drive account in clicks by clicking on it.

But before clicking on it, you must take back all your important data. Because once you delete your account, you will never be able to recover your data.

Conclusion: -

Friends Google Drive is a great product from Google. This product allows common users to save data for free. The most important thing about this Google product is that it is very safe. Here you can save any of your files in Digital Mode by saving under Google's security.

Neither data is stolen from Google Drive, nor does Google misuse your data. Therefore, you can use this platform and product without fear.

Friends, we have tried to give you detailed information through How to use Google Drive. If you want to know more about Google Drive, you can ask us through the comment box.
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