Best Video Making Apps Download 2019

In today's time, video content is being liked the most on the internet. 
Friends, there will be a lot of people like you who would like to make their videos and search on the internet, which are the apps that make good videos. But you do not get the right information 

In this article, we are going to give you complete information about the video-making apps, after reading it, you will be able to choose and use it like you want videos-making apps. 

Best Video Making Apps
Best Video Making Apps

Friends, there will be many of you who would like to start or maintain their own YouTube channel, in such a situation, you need to do video editing so that you can make your video good and put an effect in it and for this, you Video editing apps are required.
If you want to make a video to share on WhatsApp, then you need apps to create the best video so that you can customize your video in the desired way and make it great.
For your information, tell us that more and more professional video creators are those who create professional videos using video editing software applications on their laptops and computer. Editing video on a computer or laptop is quite easy and addresses are created by creating high-quality videos.
Today still the smartphone mobile by all known to be Internet world has become so developed that led the company apps blower video to be made. 
If you are a smartphone user and you are thinking of making videos from your mobile (Android or ios), then you can easily do this, just for this, you have to download the video-making apps in your mobile phone after which you can help Will be able to create and edit videos from
On mobile too, you can do video editing by downloading video-making apps, I have also edited many of my videos from mobile and uploaded them on the youtube channel, you will not see much difference in quality. 
Friends, if you also have to download video-making apps, then read this article well, in this, I am sharing with you all the information of the top video-making apps.

Benefits of Video Maker Apps

  • Using this, you can promote the related videos from your brand on the social site.
  • If you have any products, then you can create a video from your mobile and edit it and share it on Instagram and Facebook. So that it will reach more and more people
  • Video content is being the most liked today, in such a way, you can establish yourself as a brand like people are building their fan base by making videos on Instagram, youtube or Titok. 
  • With these applications, you can also make money online by editing good video and uploading it on a site like youtube. 

Best Video Making Apps List 2019

Here, whoever I am going to tell video-making apps will work on your mobile, then you will be able to download the apps that make that video by clicking the download button given the niche of your choice.
Using this video editor application, you can make videos for your youtube channel, Instagram or website. 
There are some free and paid apps in this list, so according to your budget, you should download and use the video-making apps.
Note: In the paid application, some more features are available from the free application, but in the beginning, you can make a video for yourself by using the free application.

Top 25+ Video Banane Wala Apps (Android and ios Ke Liye)


If you are looking for video downloading apps for your mobile phone, that is, making a video of Makara ie VivaVideo app will also prove to be a better application for you.
There is also a video editor with video Capricorn and with this, you can use it as a video downloader. 
  •  Video caper 
  • Video editor 
  • Video downloader
  • Transition effects feature 
  • YouTube / Instagram / IGTV / Facebook / Messenger - Video editing facilities for Tik Tok / Twitter 
  • Whatsapp Status Video Downloader.
  • Video making facilities with music 
  • Video export facility in HD quality 
  • Video edit, video merge, slow motion and fast motion and video to mp3 converter 
  • HD download facility 
  • Music extract feature from the video.
  • Video editing for youtube 
  • Birthday video editing with filters 
iOS, Android
Free, In-app Products


VideoShow is one of the most liked and desired video-making apps by the internet user. It has been seen as the number 1 video editor for quite some time now. This is an all in one app for making videos from which you can download. 
  • Moviemaker - With this application you can shoot videos.
  • Facility to share your life story 
  • This is an application that is good for new people as well as is useful to the professor as well.
  • In this, you get to see more than 50 themes, which you can use in your video.
  • There is a facility to add background music and you also get a lot of music tracks which you can use in your video. 
  • The availability of professional video editing tools such as zoom in and zoom out, along with slow motion and fast motion, voice-over, and video reverse.
  • Stickers and text are also available to add to the video. 
iOS, Android
Free, In-app Products (Rs 65)
Download (Android)                                           Download (iOS) 

PowerDirector Video Editor App

PowerDirector is a very user-friendly video editing application in which you get a lot of features, by which a new user can also use it easily to know and edit the video. I use this app to edit videos on mobile. 
This application provides a powerful multi-track timeline video editing facility, which makes your work easier.
  • Powerful multiple track timeline video editing
  • A slow-motion making feature
  • Reverse video making facility
  • Movie effects using chroma key
  • Videos can be cropped. 
  • Video Song Making Facility
  • Feature of making full HD videos
  • Drag and drop facility for video editing
Price: Free, offers in-app purchases


KineMaster is one of the best video editing application filled with the complete features of video editing. Today, Kinemster is going to be one of the best and most useful in the matter of downloading video-making apps. And the internet user likes it very much and it is the most important reason.
  • Blending modes to create startling, beautiful effects
  • Feature of multiple layers of video, images, stickers  
  • Option for special effects, text, and handwriting
  • Option to do voice-overs, background music, and sound effects 
  • Editing tools to trim, splice, and video crop feature 
  • Speed ​​control for time-lapse and slow-motion effects can add 
  • 4K 2160p video ko can export at 30FPS.
Free ( with watermark), Paid (without the watermark)


InShot is a free video editing apps that have all the features to make you a video. You can cut, trim the video with this, as well as emphasize the music in the video. 
  • Video cutter, trimmer and splitter feature 
  • Video Join Option
  • Option to change video background
  • Facility to add songs to video 
  • Video speed control 
  • Option to add text and sticker to video 
  • Video Share Option 
  • Collage Creations Facility 
iOS, Android
Price :
Free, In-app purchases
Download (Android)                                Download (iOS) 


With the help of Quick application, you can create a great video in no time. You can choose the video and photo you want, add it to it and then you will be able to make a video using some of its options. 
In this, you have lost the beautiful and excellent transitions and filters, so that you can put a good effect in the video. 
  • You can choose your theme. 
  • You can choose your photo and video to make a video. 
  • Bani Banaan 23 feature to choose from themes 
  • Full option to customize the video 
  • Feature of adding music to video 
iOS, Android
   Free, Paid

Adobe Premiere Clip 

Premiere Clip is a free video editor that helps you to create good videos quickly. If you want video-making apps for free, then you can download these video-making apps full of a lot of special features.
  • Powerful tools of video editing 
  • Photo motion 
  • Easy to share option 
  • Music adding feature 
iOS, Android

Adobe Premiere Rush      

Adobe Premiere Rush This application has been made by the Adobe company so that you can easily share the videos shot and share them online. 
Its powerful option helps you to make and edit videos great so that you can make professional videos. 
  • easy feature of video editing 
  • Video of pro-quality 
  • Multi-layer / track timeline option 
  • Sound add option 
  • Share option button 
  • Auto synchronize facility on a cloud which automatically uploads the video to cloud server with an internet connection 
iOS, Android
फ्री, Offers in-app purchases( Rs 820.00)
Download (Android)                   Download (iOS) 

Filmora go    

FilmoraGo is a very good video editing application, the download of this video-making app does not cost you any money and it does not add watermark to your video, as well as you can edit the video as long as you want. It does not even have a time limit 
  •  In this, you get the facility to mix photos and videos.
  • Video Setting Ratio Facility 
  • Option to choose a stylish theme 
  • Free music and music adding option 
  • Editing tools like Reverse play, Trim by Duration, Slow / Fast motion editor, Duplicate, Mute, Rotate, Delete, etc. 
  • Video export as well as the option to share on social media 
iOS, Android
Download (Android)               Download (iOS)              


LumaFusion is a popular video editing app designed for iOS. In this application you get to see a very good user interface, let's see some of its features 
  • In this, you can make projects of different rations.
  • Drag and drop options
  • Options for adding notes and renaming files 
  • Audio track add option 
  • Layers effect, Chroma K, Balor, etc. 
  • Option to create slow and fast motion videos
  • Multi-layer title 
  • Share option 


This is a great video editing application that works on iOS. With this, iOS users like and do a lot of it. With this, you can use both on iPhone and iPad. With this, you can make a Hollywood style trailer as well as make a movie like that, you can put effects like that in your video.
  • You can give a green screen effect in your video so that the background of the video can be changed easily.
  • ४ You can set a green screen with a point mask.
  • There are a lot of soundtracks that you can add to your video.

Apple Clips

If you are an iOS user and you want to create funny and entertaining videos to upload on social media, then you can download these video maker apps. In this, you can add stickers and emoji to your video. There is also an option to create a selfie video. The application is also good for making animated posters.
  • Option to add filters, emoji, and stickers 
  • They can also make selfie videos in 360 degrees.
  • You can transport yourself to Disney.
  • Option to create an animated story 
  • Video can be done in real-time.
  • Option to add title and caption to the video 
  • Option to add filters and effects 
  • Selfie Scenes with TrueDepth Camera 
  • Smart sharing option 


This application works as a video editor along with making videos, you can shoot videos in real-time and edit them and share them on social media. On the overlay, you can write text easily.
  • Option to apply filter and change background 
  • Record sound from the sound recorder and add it to video 
  • Video sharing option 

Video Editor – Movie Maker

This is a pro application, which means you have to pay to use this video-making application. This is a good application for making Instagram and YouTube videos. In this, you get to see a great collection of music, which you can use in your videos.
  •  Full video posting facility 
  • Zoom in zoom out option 
  • Video cropping option 
  • The option to create a video for Instagram 
  • A lot of stickers 
  • Option to add text to video, option to choose text font 
  • Option to add background to video 
  • Video background strengthening option


If you want to make videos for video sharing applications like TitTok or Likee then Funimate will prove to be one of the best video-making apps. In this application, apart from making videos, you can easily do the work of adding music as well. 
  • Create your effects 
  • Music can be added to videos.
  • Cool effects can be added to videos.
  • You can also add emoji, stickers, and text to the video.
  • Cut, trim and merge videos.
  • I can edit short videos.
iOS, Android
Free, In-app Products

ActionDirector Video Editor     

ActionDirector is the only app that allows you to create (record) video as well as edit video features. With this app, you can record a video and then add effects to the video and edit it and share it privately.
  • Make Video - With this application you can record videos and make a video.
  • Edit Video - With this application, you can edit the recorded video.
  • Action Movie Effects - With this you can add slow motion and fast motion effects to your video. 
  • From this, you can also produce 4k videos and save them.
Free, In-app Products

Filmmaker video editor pro 

The filmmaker is a full-featured video editor with a pro, so a new or professional person can use it in such a way. 
  •  Video editor 
  • Video speed control option 
  • To add effects to video 
  • Option to add filters to video 
  • Option to add a transition to video 
  • Adding filters to video 
  • Facility to add text to video 
  • Option to add a transition to video 
  • Option to add music to Back end
  • Voice recording option 
  • Video editing facility in multi-track and multilayers 
iOS, Android
Free, In-app Products

Magisto Video Editor & Maker.  

Magisto is also named in the apps that make amazing videos in minutes. It also gives you licensed music along with video editing, which you can put in your video. 
  • A better option to make an effective video to share a movie on social media or to make a birthday video. 
  • Video making facilities for social networks 
  • Commercial music library 
  • Option to add logo and caption 
iOS, Android
Free, Offers in-app purchases

Movie Maker Filmmaker.              

This application is primarily for making videos for youtube and Instagram. With this, you can record and edit the video of your daily life in a very easy way.
  • Timeline editing facilities 
  • Option to select video clips 
  • Different background options 

Video Maker          

This application is good for making vlog/video and photos. In this, you also get the feature of creating the stylish slideshow.
  • Add music 
  • Transition Adding 
  • Option to add stickers to video 
  • Subtitle add option 
  • Share option

AndroVid Video Editor  

AndroVid video editor is a simple but effective video editing so that you will be able to export the video without losing quality.

  •  Video Joiner: Merge multiple video clips into one video. You can also add music.
  • Reverse Video: Turn your video upside down to do magic.
  • Animated GIF: Convert your video to animated GIF
  • Video and Audio Mixer: Add music to your video. Adjust the video and music volume.
  • Video Transcoder: Convert videos to other formats, change the resolution to make your video smaller. Supports conversion to GIF, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV and VOB formats.
  • Slide Show Creator: Create slide shows from your photos, add fading effects and music.
  • Frame Grabber: Extract video frame images at any time of your video.
  • Video Toolbox: Enhance Your Video. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation. Change audio volume
  • Video Rotate: Video Rotate (Quick rotation without encoding or correct rotation with encoding)
  • Remove center parts: Remove unwanted parts in the middle of your video.
  • Add text, emojis, images to your videos
  • Convert your video files to MP3 audio files
  • Apply video effects like slow motion, sepia, vignette, vintage
  • Split your video files into two separate video clips
  • Share your video clips and pictures on Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Play your video clip


VidTrimPro is a premium video editing application, which means you will have to pay Rs250 to use it. In this, you get the facility of trim, merge, effects and filters. 
  • Video trimmer. Trim the right video clip on your device
  • Merge video clips. (Video) Join multiple video clips in one.
  • effect. Apply cool video effects like B / W, Negate, Vintage, Vignette, Blur, Sharpen, Edge Detection, Luma, Swoong.
  • Transcode video clip. Transcoding allows the video to be converted to MP4, resized and compressed to video.
  • Add music soundtracks to your video through the transcoding feature.
  • Rotate video (quick rotation without encoding or correct rotation by encoding)
  • Share the video clip. (Send an email, upload to YouTube, etc.)
  • Play video clip
  • Rename video clip
  • Delete video clip
  • Frame accurate frame grabber. Extract / save exact frames from your video clip as images.
  • Convert video files to MP3 audio files.


VideShop application is designed for both Android and ios. In this, you can easily do music, filter slow motion and merge. 
  • Trim: Cut any unwanted moments.
  • Music: Add to your library or stock library of VideoShop.
  • Sound effects: choose from animal noise, warts, explosions, laughter, etc.
  • Slower (or faster): Adjust the speed of the video to slow down or speed up.
  • Adjusted display: change brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • Animated Title: Introduce your video with an animated title.
  • Filters: Select from several inspired filters to enhance your video.
  • Stop Motion: Make Winnie Video with Stop Motion Recording.
  • Size: Resell your video within a video frame.
  • Merge: Merge multiple clips into one.
  • Text: Type your text with colors and various fonts.
  • Voice over: Record your voice over the video.
  • Reverse: Playback video in reverse.
  • Copy: Create a duplicate video clip.
  • High-resolution video.
  • Share on your favorite social media channels, or send by email.
  • Transitions: Choose from 4 transitions to animate between video clips.
  • Photos: Create slideshows easily.
Android, iOS

PK Master                   

You can use this app to make videos from photos. In this, you will get to see some good and cool transition effects.
  • More than 100 video templates 
  • Making cinematic video 
  • Making videos from photos 
  • Text add and edit 
  • Music customizing 
  • Option to apply your watermark 

Mobile Video Making Apps Downloading List 2019

Android Video Making Apps List

  • VivaVideo
  • VideoShow
  • PowerDirector Video Editor App 
  • KineMaster
  • InShot
  • Quik
  • Filmora go
  • Funimate 
  • ActionDirector Video Editor 
  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • Adobe Premiere Rush 
  • Filmmaker pro  
  • Magisto Video Editor & Maker.
  • Movie Maker Filmmaker
  • Video Maker 
  • AndroVid Video Editor
  • VidTrimPro  
  • VideShop 
  • PK Master

iOS Video Making Apps List

  • LumaFusion
  • iMovie
  • Splice
  • VivaVideo
  • Apple Clips
  • FilmoraGo 
  • InShot
  • KineMaster 
  • Quik – GoPro Video Editor
  • Funimate
  • Video Editor – Movie Maker
  • Video Maker
  • Filmmaker Pro 
  • VideShop
  • Filmmaker video editor pro 
  • VideoShow

Short Video Making Apps 

Now I am going to tell you about some social media video apps that are very much in today's time, with this application you can share short videos such as comedy, talent, acting videos and share on it. You get all these apps for both Android and iOS platforms, which you can install and share by making videos. So let's tell you who are the apps that make short videos.
  1. TikTok
  2. likee 
  3. Vigo Video
  4. Cheez
  5. Vivavideo
  6. Kwai
  7. Dubsmash
  8. thriller
  9. Funimate
  10. toget
  11. Bigo Live
  12. snapchat

Instagram Video Making Apps 

Now we are sharing with you a list of some great video making applications that are useful for making videos for Instagram and are quite popular, in today's time, everyone can create short videos and share their followers and audience on social media. Wants to keep a couple.  
In today's time, Instagram is considered the most effective application for business promotion. All online business people use Instagram to promote their business. 
The video content audience loves the most, you all know it well, in such a situation, if you also want to promote your business on Instagram by making short videos or you want to build a brand, then here I am sharing with you Apps list for short videos for Instagram, you will be able to easily create videos.
  1. Magisto
  2. Boomerang
  3. Anchor Video Maker
  4. Hyperlapse
  5. Apple Clips

  Best Tips to Select Video Making Apps 

You must have understood from the information given above what are the applications for making videos. But now you must be thinking about which one to choose from it. 
I am going to tell you some tips on this, which will make it easier for you to know which application will be good for making videos.
  1. First of all, see if the apps that make the video are free or paid and are in your budget or not. If you are not in the budget then you can start with free.
  2. Whether it has multi-layer features for editing videos or not 
  3. Whether or not there is an option to add transitions. Adding in transitions videos makes your videos quite attractive. When we join two videos at a time, in such a situation, we engage in the transition so that the gap of the video is easily filled and the audience is good to see. 
  4. Whether to cut and add video 
  5. Whether the video has the feature of adding a music track 
  6. Whether the video features adding text, stickers or photos 

Some simple steps to edit video

So far, I have told you the list of apps downloading videos, as well as some simple tips for choosing apps. 
But if you are thinking of making a new video, then I will be talking about how video editing is done, so here I am going to tell some simple steps that apply to any video-making apps so that you will follow and make a video. The video will be very good.
  1. First of all, you make videos that you have to do that
  2. Choose the ratio you want to keep the video in a size 
  3. Now select the video clip you want to edit.
  4. Now you choose the style to edit the video, such as filters, transitions, photos, if you want to add music, then add music and videos to it 
  5. Now trim the part of the video that you do not want to keep 
  6. Now once the video is edited, play it once 
  7. Click the Export option and save your video on the phone if the video looks right. 
In this way, your video will be made. Now you can share the video on your phone social media.
Friends, I hope that you will be able to know about the video-making apps that are needed to edit the video. If you like the information given by us, then definitely share it with your friends.
If you have any question or suggestion, do comment and tell   
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